Pond Siphon System Components

Ponds built in Georgia from the ’40’s through most of the’80’s were constructed with conventional drain systems made of corrugated steel. They consisted of a barrel pipe, stand pipe, and drain pipe. A pipe was embedded during construction at the bottom of the pond with a standpipe protruding upward to the desired level of the water. These systems worked great however many of those systems have reached the end of their life span and may pond owners are forced to replace the deteriorating older systems.


Installing Siphon SystemA new system provides answers to these problems and many pond builders have been installing syphon systems in both new ponds and as replacements for old galvanized systems. The advantage of the siphon on older ponds is the limited amount of excavation needed to install the new system as opposed to replacing the old corrugated system. Siphon systems are a very economical alternative to replacing the old pipe system.

We install siphon systems from 6” to 12” with schedule 40 pvc pipe. These systems work with a minimal amount of maintenance and have life expectancies of over 75 years.

Pond Siphon System

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The siphon system provides the most economical means of regulating the water in your pond. Also by removing the stagnant water from the lower levels of your pond, the siphon is key in maintaining water quality.

Pond Siphon Systems