Cedar Trees for PondUnderwater woody debris such as logs, brush, and stumps are all natural fish attractors. Fish use these areas for protection, as places to ambush prey, and sometimes as spawning areas.  As a lake or pond ages much of this woody debris is lost through the natural process of decay or sedimentation. As a result, fish habitat is lost over time. This loss of habitat can cause a reduction in the total number of fish a lake can support. In addition, fish become increasingly spread out over the lake as they seek other, and sometimes less discernable structure on which to reside. This can make fishing difficult and requires anglers to cover larger areas of water in their efforts to entice a bite.

Installing Cedar Trees
To counteract these natural processes man-made fish habitat is often created to replace that which is lost naturally over time. Such habitat improvements often come in the form of fish attractors. Fish attractors can be of various shapes and sizes, and made from a number of materials, but all serve the same purpose of providing underwater habitat for fish.

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