Pond Fertilization Programs 

Proper fertilization and liming can increase three to four times the pounds of fish a pond will support. Unfertilized ponds stocked with bream, bass and catfish usually have about 100 pounds of fish per surface acre. Ponds receiving adequate amounts of fertilizer typically contain 300 to 400 pounds of fish per surface acre. Fertilization increases fish production by increasing the amount of microscopic green plants (phytoplankton) in the water. Phytoplankton is the base of the pond food chain. The green color characteristic of fertilized ponds, called a bloom, is due to the abundance of phytoplankton. Phytoplankton is consumed by zooplankton (microscopic animals), which is eaten by aquatic insects and small fishes. The small fishes serve as food for the larger predators, such as largemouth bass.

In properly constructed ponds, an adequate fertilization program helps control rooted aquatic weeds. In properly fertilized ponds the microscopic green plants become so abundant that the phytoplankton bloom limits sunlight penetration deeper than about 18 inches. This shading of the deeper water prevents rooted green plants (which must have sunlight to grow) from becoming established.

Most aquatic weeds die or become dormant during the winter. If the pond is properly fertilized and an appropriate phytoplankton bloom is established before spring weed growth begins, the weeds will not become reestablished. If rooted aquatic vegetation has reached the surface (or near the surface) of the water prior to initial fertilizer application, many of the nutrients contained in the fertilizer will be taken up by the weeds. If this occurs, fertilization will encourage the growth of aquatic weeds.

We offer fertility programs for pond owners from small to large acreages. We use liquid products with the analysis of 10-34-0 and applications are made from boats equipped with spraying equipment. Fertility programs run from late March through September. We also utilize algaecides to minimize algae development during the fertility program.

We can also combine fertility programs with vegetation/weed control if needed.

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