Weed Control by Applied Aquatics

Weed Control by Applied Aquatics

No one enjoys a pond or lake that is full of unwanted vegetation. Pond aesthetics and recreational activities such as fishing, boating or swimming can be significantly impacted if undesirable aquatic vegetation is present.

A healthy pond is the product of a long-term vegetation control and maintenance program. We offer a variety of vegetation control management practices that include both biological control as well as the use of aquatic herbicides. Our personnel are trained and licensed to handle the specific chemicals and equipment that are used in aquatic plant control and can offer a solution to any submerged, emerged or floating weed problems that you may have. All of the herbicides and algaecides we use are approved and labeled for aquatic use by the EPA and Department of Agriculture.

We offer triploid grass carp as a biological alternative to chemical and mechanical weed removal. We also offer fertilization programs that can help minimize aquatic vegetation while providing the nutrients needed for good fish growth and reproduction. The best and most practical means of vegetation control is a program that utilizes water quality management practices, biological control options, and aquatic herbicides if necessary.

Whether you want a lake completely free of weeds or wish to maintain some vegetation for fish habitat and fish growth, our comprehensive vegetation control programs are tailored to your specific needs and budget.

 Types of Aquatic Weeds